Case Study 1
Psychological Assessment Using Survey Study of the International Male Enhancement Program

By Dennis Rockwell, Ph.D
Senior V.P. for EMARC, Inc.

02:41:12 06/03/03 1.0 Psychological Assessment

This study uses a survey approach to assessing the various affects, psychologically and physiologically , of the International Male Enhancement Website (IMEW) web site's penile fitness program on the present participants, by randomly sampling the male population at the IMEW web site chat line. In this manner all areas relevant to the program are assessed by sampling questions relating to age, penile length, and girth before using the program, penile length and girth at present time of survey, length of time (in minutes) per day using the program, any increase/decrease in sex drive, any increase/decrease in sexual control, any increase/decrease in self-confidence, and amount of days using the program. A summary of the program will be included and other known methods of penile enhancement are explored and compared and contrasted with IMEW's regime. In this manner all possible avenues are explored and presented, so as to give a clear picture of the possible pros and possible cons of the program from every viewpoint of the program participants.

Brief Summary of Program
IMEW has put together a step-by-step easy to follow procedure for penile enhancement and functioning based on a Sudanese Arabic method called jelqing, which is stated as being hundreds of years old. This method contains exercises performed by hand, daily, and contains no mechanisms which could injure the penis. Additionally, IMEW has added other various hand and muscle exercises in the program to assist in penile enhancement, control, sensitivity, and sex drive. IMEW's program is guaranteed, if the client isn't satisfied after six months of using the program he will receive his money back without question.

Topic Discussion
Male self-confidence in relationships and sexual performance is directly affected by the male's penis size and performance capabilities, as stated in the Miller study (2000). Additionally, it has been shown that males and females believe, falsely, that a male's sex organ is determined genetically and can't be affected without surgery. This assumption places the male in a "no win" situation, without surgical options, and if he isn't endowed with a substantial penis size at birth then he automatically feels inadequate and this will definitely affect his "performance anxiety" when in a sexual or pre-sexual situation (Lidz, 1976). Also, it has been found that as the human body ages it decreases tendon and ligament lengths throughout the body, which causes it to shrink and this causes decreased body height, length, and penis size in the male (Mader, 1994).

Sexual dysfunction in the male is a prevalent problem, in all societies, and seriously affects the male's self-confidence and ability to sexually perform. This problem is currently treated with psychotherapy (by sex therapists), herbal treatments, and medical applications. Not only can this dysfunction create serious psychological ramifications, but it can become expensive in the areas of doctor's visits, price of medications, and costly mechanisms. Furthermore, the medications presently used can have serious side affects, depending on the individual's physiology and other current medications that he is taking. Even the herbal applications can have counter side affects with other medications and supplements, along with various problems due to the individual's physiology (Finger, Lund, & Slagle, 1997).

Testosterone levels in males steadily decrease during aging and this affects the male's abilities to perform and their sexual desire. People feel that sexual abilities are somehow a reflection of something very basic in them; and each individual feels revealed as well as naked before the other in physical and psychological ways. Therefore, when the male's testosterone levels start decreasing their sex drive also decreases, usually after 40; however, the female's sex drive increases with age. This can cause severe intimacy problems in a relationship as the male's desires decrease and the female's increases (Lidz, 1983).

Sexual compatibility is also a variable in a relationship and tends to be a critical measure of two persons' capacities to achieve true intimacy (Masters and Johnson, 1966). After child birth a female's vagina stretches, so as to assist in giving birth, and after giving birth it maintains a more elastic capability. This increased elasticity can create difficulties in sexual intimacy with partners who have not had problems prior to child birth, due to the male's penis not increasing in size, whereas the females vaginal canal now becomes bigger and more loose during intercourse. This particular problem can create a sexual pleasure problem for the female as well as the male, where there may not have been a problem prior to child birth.

The human body responds; grows, develops, and adapts; to physical stimulation and exercise. The tendons, ligaments, muscle fibers, and cellular tissue stretch and heal to adapt to new stressors on them (Berne, Levy, Koeppen, & Stanton, 1998). This is the innate physiology of the human body, to grow and adapt to change, and all tissue in the body responds to the various stressors exerted on it. Due to this innate ability muscle fibers stretch and grow to accommodate exercise, along with the tendons and ligaments. However, the penis is not made up of muscle tissue, but it is affected by the ligaments attaching it to the pubic bone. In addition, the erectile tissue, corpora cavernosa, is a spongy tissue containing distensible blood spaces, which increases in size when blood is pumped into it (Martini, 1998).

Can the corpora cavernosa increase its distensible blood space size? The corpora cavernosa in the male penis is similar in construction to the pore cells in marine life called sponges. Repeatedly stretching the pore cells in a live sponge will cause it's absorption pores to expand and heal in this expanded state to adapt to the minute tearing of the cellular walls of the pores, thereby making the pore cells larger and more capable of absorbing more water and nutrients. The corpora cavernosa is a live tissue which responds similarly in the manner of a sponge (Martini, 1998); therefore, continuous stretching and healing should cause the distensible blood spaces to increase their ability to absorb more blood, as a sponge does with water, and thereby increase actual size of the erectile tissue.

The ligament which connects the penis to the pubic bone and runs up the back of the penis, Fundiform Ligament, is cut in penile enlargement surgery, so as to allow the longer extension of the penis. However, this can have adverse effects, such as the penis staying in a hanging state, even when erect, and other possible problems. It has been proven in bodybuilding that the tendons and ligaments will adapt to repeated stretching exercises and thereby (using the same application to the penis ligaments) become longer and allow the penis to increase in length and girth along with the erectile tissues increase in blood capacity, when stretched at the same time.

As the male ages and the testes decrease their output of testosterone they become smaller and sex drive is decreased. However, continued stimulation of the testes will stop and reverse this process; thereby, increasing sex drive and sensitivity (Masters and Johnson, 1966). Masters and Johnson's study in 1966 showed that the more a male has sexual stimulation the more their sex drive is increased and that their later sex life is also increased. In other words, the more the male has sexual activity in his earlier years the more he will have sexual activity in his senior years. This has been shown by numerous studies and that the increase in sex drive is related to the amount of testosterone levels in the body and sexual self-confidence (Lue, 1998).

It is common knowledge that a man's ability to stave off orgasm during intercourse can have a direct effect on the woman's ability to reach orgasm during intercourse. The amount of sexual pleasure each partner experiences, while having sexual intimacy, and the male's self-confidence in performing during sexual relations are also directly related. Therefore, if a male can control his ability to refrain from having orgasm then the sexual pleasure is increased for both parties and the male's self-confidence is increased, thereby decreasing any performance anxiety that would be related. The orgasm can be controlled by exercising the muscles associated with squeezing the penis' bulb of spongiosum (base of penis) and resulting internal urethra, which is at the base of the scrotum and directly effects the blood supply to the penis, along with contracting the urethra and thereby staving off ejaculation. By being able to control the Urogenital diaphragm muscle and associated muscle groups (Levator ani, or Puborectalis, which includes the Pubococcygeus, Iliococcygeus, and the Ischiococcygeus muscles (Agur, 1991)) the male can stop orgasm and control ejaculation thereby increasing the amount of sexual intimacy with his partner.

In conclusion, empirical evidence has shown that as a man ages his penis length shrinks, due to the ligaments and tendons in his body getting shorter, along with the decreased testosterone output of the testes. Also, that a man's penis size, ability to perform, and sex drive are in direct correlation with his self-confidence and ability to become intimate. Therefore, any program which can stave off the effects of aging on the penis and testes would directly effect his sexual performance, self-image, and decrease his performance anxiety. This would also thereby increase his and his partner's sexual intimacy and sexual pleasure.

Background of Related Topics and Programs
Recent trends in advertising, psychotherapy, medicine, and herbal treatments have been moving in the direction of dealing with sexual dysfunction and it's ramifications. This advertising of medicines, herbal applications, mechanical devices, and therapy have been inundating the pages of our magazines, our television commercials, and our junk mail. Impotence, penis size, performance anxiety, and sexual intimacy are age old problems, which until the last few years was kept secret and not talked about. However, with the advent of new techniques and the all important marketing dollar these difficulties have been exploited in all areas of society, due to the overwhelming money making availability. Males all over the world have lived with these issues and have been miserable in all aspects of their lives, due to them. It's no surprise that they will go to any extent, financially and physically, to alleviate these overwhelming dilemmas.

The drawbacks of these techniques are down played and sometimes totally ignored. Some men have used these techniques with disastrous results. Ahmed I. El-Sakka and Tom F. Lue recently published a paper, with compiled research, on the possible problems resulting from the use of these procedures (1997). They state, "Many devastating complications have been reported, eg debilitating silicone granuloma of the penis and scrotum, parafinoma of the penis and unsuccessful or even crippling effects of not only autologous fat injection but a variety of surgical procedures as well." These are only a few of the possible complications from the various types of surgery. Disclaimers are attached to all of the various procedures, surgical, medicinal, herbal, and mechanical. These disclaimers describe everything from mild side affects to possibility of amputation and death, depending on the procedure.

Psychological issues are also a prominent factor in determining whether or not the patients should attempt any technique. El-Sakka and Lue describe how "patient's motives, expectations and psychological health should be thoroughly evaluated, preferably by a psychologist or psychiatrist familiar with the surgery. A severely depressed, disturbed, psychotic or unrealistic patient must not undergo surgery." This emphasizes not only the importance of weeding out patients who are not psychologically stable, but also assist the physician in avoiding possible law suits if the patient isn't satisfied. This also limits who would be allowed these procedures and thereby limits the individual's options, putting them back into a "no win" situation. Of course, these psychological aspects should always be considered when surgery is being performed. However, are these procedures worth the possible anxiety, aggravation, and/or possible severe complications?

The various surgical techniques include, but aren't limited to: skin incision where the Fundiform suspensory ligament is cut allowing the penis to drop, fat grafts and transfers where fat from other areas of the body are inserted in the penis, and splitting the corpora cavernosa and inserting silicone. All of these surgical techniques can have disastrous results such as: wound dehiscence, scarring, hair on penis, shortening of the penis due to scarring, penis staying pointed down even upon erection, granuloma formation with fat transfer, reabsorption of fat and migration of fat, curved penis, lumps in penis, distortion of penis, and possible amputation if infection occurs or blood circulation restricts. In addition, as with all surgeries possibility of complications from anesthetic is also a factor. The results from surgery are mixed and many patients don't gain any length at all. The girth is usually increased in the fat grafts, but the length isn't affected and a large incision down the penis is necessary. Splitting the corpora cavernosa, erectile tissue, and inserting silicone can cause all of the above difficulties.

Other types of alternative treatments are offered to the individual if they aren't able to have surgery, or aren't considering that option. These include mechanical devices such as the penile pump and weights. The penile pump is a device which is placed over the penis and creates a vacuum around it so that blood is forced into the erectile tissue. By forcing the expansion of the tissues of the penis, by using a vacuum, the penis is forced to stretch and thereby fill by sucking blood into the blood spaces and veins. However, any misuse of this device can create serious malformations, breakage of capillaries and veins, and even breaking open the distensible blood spaces of the corpora cavernosa. The gains are varied and repeated use of this device and storage is necessary. The device is used prior to sexual activity to gain an erection for sex; however, it is stated that possibility of erection without the device may occur after prolonged use. This means that just before having sex with your partner you need to bring out the pump, apply it to your penis, and then after gaining an erection with it remove it and perform your sexual activity. This can be embarrassing and cumbersome for the individual and their sex partner. Prices for the device can vary from approximately $150.00 to as much as $500.00 and more, depending on the device and where it is obtained.

An additional mechanical device used for penile enhancement is the weights. This is a relatively inexpensive device, which is basically using varied weights (depending on the individual's tolerance to the weight) attached to a noose and strapping the noose just below the glans of the penis. The device is left on the penis for a period of time, daily, to allow the weight to stretch the Fundiform ligament and the erectile tissue. However, this device can cause problems in glans of the penis, due to it possibly cutting off the blood circulation to the penis. If the device is left on for any lengthy period the glans receives a restricted blood flow and this can cause the tissue to atrophy and desensitize the glans. This device is usually used after various surgical techniques, in a limited manner, to assist in stretching the surgically augmented tissue. Overuse of this device can cause the glans to have nephropathy (hemorrhaging and inflammation) and neuropathy (caused by restricted blood supply to the neural tissues). These can possibly lead to tissue death, ulceration, infection, and loss of the tissue (Martini, 1998), the glans.

Penile injection therapy uses a diabetic needle to insert a medication into the corpora cavernosa, which acts on the smooth muscle tissue allowing erection. This can be painful from the injection and costs approximately $20 to $25 per injection. The injection is done just prior to sex and can be part of the intimate experience. Medications such as Viagra and Vasomax are oral medications which allow for the penis to become erect, but don't increase size of penis nor sex drive and are strictly used for ED (erectile dysfunction). Viagra states possible side effects of headache, flushing, and visual problems. In addition, Viagra can't be taken with any nitrate drug, due to the body using both in a similar fashion and the synergistic effect can be physically harmful. Vasomax expresses possible side effects of tachycardia, dizziness, rhinitis, and hypotension. Natural herbal treatments include the use of Yohimbehe, which is from the bark of a South American tree and this can also cause similar side effects as Viagra.

Using testosterone replacement therapy can decrease impotence, if the problem is caused by a deficiency in the hormone. However, testosterone therapy can effect the heart, kidneys, liver, and prostate severely. Growth hormone therapy is very expensive and needs to be injected into the fat surrounding the stomach. Growth hormone therapy has not been shown to improve ED and serious side effects can result with continued use. Neither of these have been shown to increase penis length or girth and both can be extremely expensive and prescription prohibitive. In addition, extensive use of testosterone can cause shrinkage of the testes, due to the body adapting to the extra hormone levels.

Comparison and Contrast of Program and It's Results
IMEW's program approaches all of the above problems with more natural and less invasive techniques. The self-help program IMEW is offering uses a regime of various hand and muscle exercises to alleviate these difficulties. The problem of ED and sex drive, excluding medical causes, are attacked by having the client do numerous kegels, flexing the Urogenital diaphragm and adjoining muscle groups, daily and also massaging and stimulating the testes daily. Survey results show that 90% of the sampled population found their sex drive, after performing the program for 3 to 4 weeks, to have increased from a rate of approximately once every two weeks to daily + and that they found no problems in attaining an erection during sexual intimacy. IMEW's program approaches all of the above problems with more natural and less invasive techniques. The self-help program IMEW is offering uses a regime of various hand and muscle exercises to alleviate these difficulties. The problem of ED and sex drive, excluding medical causes, are attacked by having the client do numerous kegels, flexing the Urogenital diaphragm and adjoining muscle groups, daily and also massaging and stimulating the testes daily. Survey results show that 90% of the sampled population found their sex drive, after performing the program for 3 to 4 weeks, to have increased from a rate of approximately once every two weeks to daily + and that they found no problems in attaining an erection during sexual intimacy.

The issue of penis length and girth is also alleviated with the prescribed exercises and various increases, with an average of 1/4" in length and 1/8" in girth every 6 weeks, were reported. The variance was found to be mainly due to amount of time allotted daily and dedication to the recommended regime. None of the participants of the survey were disappointed and some were astounded by their results, in all areas of the program. A few of the surveyed clients had tried some of the above stated options, in the previous section, and found their results with IMEW's program to have alleviated some malformations that they had experienced from opting to try some of these programs. For example, one client had used a pump and after 6 months found that his penis had a severe bend to the side when erect. After doing the program for 3 months this condition was alleviated.

Another person surveyed had reported having the surgery done, where the Fundiform ligament had been cut, and found that his penis gained approximately 1 1ܲ" in length, no attributable girth, and would hang in the flaccid state even when erect. After doing the program for 6 months this person had an increase of 3 1/2" in length and 1 1/4" in girth; however, due to the Fundiform ligament being cut his erection would still stay in a down turned state. This individual also expressed that there had been no sex drive increase with his surgery and that his sex drive has now increased to 1 to 2 times a day from once every two weeks, on average. Another aspect presented by this person was that his sexual control had not been increased by the surgery, but by doing the program exercises it had increased at a considerable rate. This aspect has advanced to the point where he can now stave off ejaculation during intercourse so that he can not only perform for longer periods of time, he stated as long as he wants, but that he has control to have partial orgasms and thereby have more than one orgasm during copulation.

Sensitivity is also an issue in sexual performance and all of the surveyed group reported an increase in sensitivity to the glans of their penis. One of the surveyed individuals had expressed trying weights, pump, testosterone treatments, and growth hormone treatments with no results in girth, sensitivity, or sex drive and minimal results in length, 1/4" to 1/2" maximum. This individual is a doctor and owns an anti-aging clinic of his own, where these options are available. He expressed that he is 65 years of age and upon doing the program for six months has found his sensitivity and sex drive to have increased to when he was a teenager. He additionally stated that growth hormone and testosterone, long term usage, can have physical side affects to the various organs of the body.

The flaccid length, length of penis when not erect, has been reported to be one of the first things to increase and alleviates the "shower" anxiety that occurs when an individual has to shower with other males. Another surveyed client said that his flaccid length has increased to approximately 7" since doing the program, his length and girth have increased from 6.8" to 8.5", and his sex drive and sexual control have also increased considerably. He stated, "I can now have sex until my girlfriend wants to stop and the program has taken me to the next level in my sex life." Furthermore, he expressed that he was at Mardi Gras in New Orleans recently and that women were throwing beads and coins at him to pull his pants down. He expressed feeling a strong self-confidence and also increase in testosterone.

This last testimonial exemplifies some added bonus' that other programs don't and that is sexual prowess, increase in personal confidence, and knowledge of their ability to please their partner in all areas. Age appears not to be a factor in any of these areas, when a medical condition is not present. Clients surveyed were from age 16 to 76 and all of the sample expressed results of gratification with the program. However, this program survey only surveyed those who are presently in the program and use IMEW's chat line and doesn't include any who may have left the program or don't use his chat line. IMEW stated that the drop out rate has decreased and that the complaints are usually related to client's not staying with doing the program daily, as designed.

The Survey
This survey was done over a 3 week period and included sampling the population of males who are presently using the program and visit IMEW's chat line, which is associated with the program. Sampled group was 62 males of various ages, ranging from 16 to 76, with various backgrounds, various time allotted to doing the program per day, and varying results with the program. The areas which were surveyed are: age, penis length and girth prior to program, penis length and girth presently, time in the program, time allotted per day for using the program, sexual drive prior to program, sexual drive presently, sexual control prior to program, sexual control presently, self-confidence prior to program, and self-confidence presently (as relates to sexual confidence in self).

Besides the empirical data of actual measurements the other stated data compiled is subjective as to the individuals' own understanding of their drive, control, and confidence. The subjective data is not considered to be unreliable, due to the program's approach to these aspects being fundamental issues to each individual. Even though these are subjective feelings of the participants, they do show the personal effects each individual has experienced in using the program.

The sample group was selected at random and at various times during the day and evening from IMEW's chat line, which is associated with his program. This sample group's data expresses their experiences with IMEW's program and an evaluation of the program with this group. Inability to sample other populations and to increase the size of the sample population is a limitation of this survey. Data from this sample group was correlated and charted so as to find averages, means, variances, and standard deviations of the survey questions, including other statistical data. These statistical calculations were graphed for comparisons between the sample population group.

The data was collected as follows: age in years, prior length and girth in inches, present length and girth in inches, time allotted to program per day in minutes, sex drive prior and present (with a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the least and 10 being the most), sexual control prior and present (with a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the least and 10 being the most), and sexual confidence prior and present (with a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the least and 10 being the most). The data is charted with each sample subject being assigned a number and logged accordingly, with their information following.

1 20 6.8 8.5 4.5 6.0 40 2 10 3 10 3 10 90
2 55 5.75 6 4.75 5 60 6 6 10 10 10 10 21
3 32 5.75 6.5 5 5.25 90 6 8 4 6 6 8 34
4 22 6 6.5 5 5.5 60 10 10 5 8 5 6.5 105
5 34 6 7.75 5 5.5 60 2 6 2 6 2 6 28
6 16 6.8 8.4 3.3 6.2 45 10 10 2 8 3 9 38
7 20 6.8 8.5 3.5 6.5 50 2 10 3 10 3 10 224
8 29 7.5 11 6 7.25 50 2 10 4 10 5 10 196
9 65 6 6.5 5 5.5 40 2 10 3 10 4 10 84
10 61 6 6.75 5 5.5 60 2 10 2 8 2 6 30
11 43 5.75 6.5 5 5.5 30 9 10 5 7 2 10 21
12 57 5 6 4.25 5 45 2 8 2 8 3 7 60
13 42 6.25 6.75 5 5.25 40 2 8 2 8 4 8 45
14 19 5.5 6 4.5 5 30 10 10 4 8 3 7 40
15 62 6.25 7 5 5.5 45 1 8 3 10 6 8 50
16 34 5.5 6.3 5 5.4 40 6 8 1 5 3 6 245
17 31 5.75 6.75 4.75 5.25 30 5 7 4 8 5 9 35
18 24 6 6.25 5 5.25 40 8 8 8 8 7 9 21
19 18 5.5 6 5 5.25 45 10 10 5 7 5 7 28
20 21 6.25 6.75 5.25 5.5 60 10 10 6 8 6 9 40
21 59 4.75 5.25 3 4 45 2 10 10 10 2 10 60
22 66 6 6.75 5.25 5.75 30 1 10 10 10 5 10 90
23 47 7 7.5 5 5.25 50 5 7 8 8 7 8 21
24 53 6 6.25 5.25 5.25 30 2 5 7 8 8 9 45
25 76 5.75 6.5 5 5.5 50 1 8 7 9 4 10 90
26 49 4 4.5 3.75 4.25 75 1 10 1 8 1 6 35
27 51 5 6 4.5 5.25 60 1 7 5 7 6 9 120
28 45 5.5 6.25 6 6.25 45 2 6 1 6 2 8 50
29 65 4 4.25 3.5 3.75 30 1 6 8 8 2 5 30
30 30 6 6.25 5 5.25 30 8 10 10 10 6 10 40
31 22 5.5 6 5 5.5 50 10 10 7 10 6 10 60
32 19 5.25 5.5 4.5 4.75 40 10 10 4 6 6 8 35
33 25 5.5 6.25 4.5 5 30 10 10 5 7 4 6 55
34 56 7 7.25 5 5.25 30 1 10 7 8 5 7 40
35 41 6.5 7 5 5.25 40 4 8 6 8 6 8 50
36 63 5 5.75 4 4.5 45 1 10 8 10 4 10 75
37 57 5.5 6 4.5 4.75 30 1 10 7 9 2 6 60
38 21 6.25 6.5 4.75 5.25 50 10 10 5 8 6 10 45
39 27 3 3.75 3 3.5 60 10 10 1 8 1 6 30
40 44 7 8 5.25 5.75 45 2 8 8 10 8 10 75
41 18 6.5 6.75 5.25 5.5 30 10 10 10 10 6 10 30
42 25 4 5 3 3.5 90 10 10 5 10 1 6 35
43 31 2.75 3.25 4 4.25 60 6 10 0 6 0 6 45
44 54 5 6.75 5 5.75 45 2 7 0 0 4 7 147
45 60 5 7 5 6 50 1 9 6 9 4 10 230
46 33 6.25 6.5 5.25 5.5 35 10 10 4 6 4 6 25
47 35 7 7.5 3.5 4.5 45 8 10 6 8 3 10 53
48 32 6.75 8.25 5.5 6.25 45 10 10 10 10 8 10 212
49 26 5.75 6.25 5 5.25 40 10 10 6 8 6 8 45
50 24 5 6 4 4.5 30 10 10 4 9 4 10 100
51 58 6 6.75 5 5.5 20 2 10 6 10 7 10 90
52 66 4.5 6 4.75 5.5 30 1 10 7 9 4 10 140
53 57 5.25 7.25 4.25 5.25 60 2 10 8 10 5 10 190
54 43 6.5 7.25 5 5.5 50 2 8 8 10 6 10 65
55 41 4.75 5 4 4.5 40 5 8 6 8 4 6 21
56 19 6 6.5 4.75 5 45 10 10 2 6 5 8 40
57 55 3.5 4.75 3.5 4.5 30 1 10 1 8 0 6 65
58 63 6.5 7.5 4 5.25 60 1 8 8 10 5 10 53
59 18 5.5 7 4 5 30 10 10 0 10 2 10 70
60 33 5.25 6 3 4 45 8 10 8 10 4 8 35
61 38 7.25 7.75 5.25 5.75 35 6 8 6 8 6 8 35
62 41 6.75 7.75 5.5 6 45 3 6 8 10 4 10 60

The statistical data shows that on average if a man who is approximately 40 years of age engages in the use of IMEW's penile enhancement program for an average of 70 days and performs the program for approximately 45 minutes per day he should see an increase in his penis size by approximately 1 inch in length and an increase in girth by approximately 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch. In addition, this man's sex drive should increase by almost two times what he previously had and his sexual control should increase by approximately the same. The sexual confidence variable also showed an approximate doubling of effect with the use of this program.

Surveyed individuals showed an increase in all of the variables to various degrees and two of them advised that one variable, each, was not applicable to their lifestyles and therefore couldn't answer that particular part of the survey. However, they did show gains in all other areas of the survey and were highly satisfied with their results. All surveyed men advised they were pleased with their results and are going to continue with the program, so as to attain the results they are looking for. Each individual surveyed had different results they were looking for and also different areas of the program that they were more interested in obtaining maximum results. However, all participants were looking for penis length and girth increase, but some were looking more for length due to already having (in their view) a sizable girth. Additionally, every surveyed person expressed a flaccid length and girth increase, which wasn't posted or surveyed for results. They also advised that their respective sexual partners were very pleased with the results they are obtaining.

One of the surveyed individuals stated having difficulties in the areas of sleeping on his stomach, due to his flaccid length increase being so great that he would roll over on his penis at night and his pelvic bone would pinch his penis. He also expressed that he had been used to wearing pants without wearing underwear and that he would get looks and comments on his size to the point of embarrassment. Therefore, he has started wearing underwear, so as to limit this situation. He additionally said that when not wearing underwear, especially when wearing jeans, that due to the increased flaccid length his penis would be stimulated from the rubbing. Finally, he had experienced other males making comments to him when he would be using the urinals in mens' rooms, some men would ask if they could hold his penis, which would embarrass him. However, only one of the surveyed men expressed this and his flaccid length was 8 plus inches and his erect length was 11 inches, from an original of 71/2 inches. This individual stated he is going to continue using the program and hoping to possibly obtain a 14 to 15 inch length, or possibly only use the program on a maintenance level so as to maintain his obtained results at the present time.

There were no other complaints observed from any of the other participants and one individual surveyed had used other devices which had caused his penis to have a permanent bend which caused him discomfort. However, since using IMEW's program this bend has been alleviated, along with increase in length and girth of his penis. This participant was extremely pleased with his results, so far, and his unexpected side effect of alleviating the previously expressed bending problem.

The surveyed results show no true negative side effects, possibility of alleviation of previous difficulties in all areas, and an ability for the practitioner to obtain all desired gains by continued usage of IMEW's penile enhancement program. The statistical data obtained through usage of the survey results support this conclusion. However, as previously expressed, the survey was limited to 62 males who are presently using the program and does not include any males who may have been dissatisfied with the usage of the program, or why they may have been dissatisfied. Furthermore, the statistical data from the survey shows that time using the program daily and amount of days are a factor, along with individual physiological makeup, in the participants' obtained gains and the time it takes to make these gains. No damage to the penis or testicles were observed in any of the men surveyed.

Age does not appear to be a factor in the gains obtained, only time per day and amount of days using the program. However, due to the physiological effects of a younger man's body being more flexible and pliable, in addition to extra high hormones of testosterone levels in the blood, this could possibly effect the speed of which desired results are obtained. This would be because the Fundiform ligament can stretch easier in a younger male and the corpora cavernosa should also be able to heal and stretch easier. In addition, men at the upper levels of age, 60's and 70's, found no problem with obtaining their gains or in using the program, but it was expressed that stretching was a vital part of the program for them.


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This study, survey, and statistical analysis was conducted and performed by Dennis Rockwell, Ph.D, in concert with EMARC, Inc., and was completed on April 1, 2000. Dennis Rockwell, Ph.D Senior V.P. EMARC, Inc. 301 Southwest 1st Street Suite 508D Boca Raton, Florida 33432